Featuring; Rafael Tanaka Monzo [Spain], Fábio M. Roque [Portugal] & Peter Oey [Netherlands]

This book is the result of a jam session by three photographers.
Images withdrawn from our photo archives.
We liked to give our photo orphans a chance to show themselves.

You know all those grab shots and those unfiled photographs still residing somewhere in the wrong folder. And you know the pictures with no particular use or t into a series. Perhaps the skipped darlings from a book editing workshop or so. Shots, too nice not to keep, too little to do something with them in a monograph book format.

With a triple eight of the variations you can create much more. So each of us submitted eight pictures forming an octave, enough for a rhythmic sequence and enough to show our signature through and making the book.

The book is light and soft, the binding is delicate. The black and white laser print is coarse. The paper will yellow and stain by time. Nevertheless, art is better to fade in daylight than in the dark, speaking of photo orphans.

Handmade & self published
Edition of 30 numbered
Soft cover 32 pages
French fold pages
Japanese stab stitched binding
Laser print
Dimensions 148 x 210 mm